Women and Marriage throughout Redemptive History

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How would you summarize what God has done for spousal relationships through the process of creation, sin, exile, and redemption? These are the pertinent links:


Made in the Image of God (Gen 1:26)

Stewards of the Earth (Gen 1:26 cont.)

Male and Female He Created Them (Gen 1:27)

The Blessing of Fruitfulness (Gen 1:28)

The Lord Breathes Life (Gen 2:7)

Not Good! (Gen 2:18)

A Parade of Animals (Gen 2:19–20)

An Equal and Adequate Partner (Gen 2:21–23)

A Transfer of Loyalty (Gen 2:24)

Naked and Not Ashamed (Gen 2:25)

God Evaluates His Creation (Gen 1:31)

Your summary:


Serpents in the Ancient Near East (Gen 3:1)

A World-Altering Conversation (Gen 3:2–5)

Succumbing to Temptation (Gen 3:6)

Their Eyes Are Opened (Gen 3:7)

A Day of Reckoning (Gen 3:9–13)

The First Good News (Gen 3:15)

An Anguishing Process (Gen 3:16)

A Renewed Covenant (Gen 3:20)

Eve Acquires a Man (Gen 4:1)

Two Wives (Gen 4:18–19)

Lamech’s Ode to Himself (Gen 4:23–24)

Taking Wives for Themselves (Gen 6:1–2 cont.)

Limiting Human Life Spans (Gen 6:3)

Nephilim in the Land (Gen 6:4)

God Grieves (Gen 6:5–6)

Your summary:


Slaves and War Brides (Exod 21:10–11 and Deut 21:10–14)

Your summary:


God Hates Violence (Mal 2:13–16)

Your summary:


The Tragedy of Mercilessness (Matt 18:35)

A New Dawn (Matt 28:1)

Apostles to the Apostles (Matt 28:5–7)

A Restoration of Status (Matt 28:10)

The Spirit Descends (Acts 2:1–3)

Partners in Ministry (Acts 18:1–3, 18–20, 24–26 and 2 Ki 22:11–23:4)

Effects of the Fall Reversed (Rom 5:12–21 and Rom 16:1–12)

It is Good Not to Touch (1 Cor 7:1–5)

Marital Separation (1 Cor 7:10–11)

Concerning Mixed Marriages (1 Cor 7:12–13)

Contagious Holiness (1 Cor 7:14)

Dissolution of Marriage (1 Cor 7:15–16)

Three Heads (1 Cor 11:3)

Women Praying and Prophesying (1 Cor 11:4–6 and 1 Cor 14:34–35)

Having Authority over Her Head (1 Cor 11:7–10)

Interdependence (1 Cor 11:11–12)

Falling for Deception (2 Cor 11:2–4)

An Angel of Light (2 Cor 11:13–15)

Clothed with Christ (Gal 3:26–27)

Adopted as Sons (Eph 1:5–6)

Unity in the Spirit (Eph 5:18–21)

Submissive to One Another (Eph 5:21–24)

Sacrificial Love (Eph 5:25–30)

Obedience in the Lord (Eph 6:1)

Life-Long Honor (Eph 6:2–3)

Nurturing and Training (Eph 6:4)

The Cult of Artemis (False Teaching in Ephesus)

Prayer without Anger (1 Tim 2:8)

Adorned with Good Works (1 Tim 2:9–10)

She Must Learn (1 Tim 2:11)

Domineering Women (1 Tim 2:12–14)

Saved through Childbearing (1 Tim 2:15)

A Minority Religion (1 Pet 3:1–2)

In the Spirit of Sarah (1 Pet 3:3–6)

Living Together with Understanding (1 Pet 3:7–9)

Your summary:

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[1]Ciampa, “The History of Redemption,” 257.  I remain indebted to Dr. Roy Ciampa for his permission to incorporate his CSER Structure into this study.