b) 1Tim 2:8: Paul wrote, “I desire that men in every place lift up holy hands free of anger and dispute.”

Anger and dissension block effective prayer (Matt 5:21–24; Eph 4:29–32, 1 Pet 3:7).[1]

People typically stood with their hands raised while praying (Exod 17:8–13; 1 Ki 8:22–26).[2]

Elsewhere in Paul’s letters, anēr/andros (“man, male, husband”) and gynē (“woman, female, wife”) occur together in the context of marriage (Rom 7:2–3; 1 Cor 7:1–4, 10–16, 32–34; 1 Cor 14:34–35; Eph 5:21–33; Col 3:18–19; Tit 1:6).

The exception to this appears in 1 Cor 11:3–13.[3]

Therefore, 1 Tim 2:8–15 may apply to spousal relationships, rather than to congregations.[4]

Whichever is correct, the doctrinal disputes in Ephesus engulfed even the men in the church.[5]

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b) Read 1Tim 2:8. Why is anger while praying inappropriate? Do you think this verse applies to marriage or to relationships within congregations? Why do you believe that?





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