An Overview of the Bible: Creation, Sin, Exile, and Resurrection/Restoration    8.5×11″; A4 paper

Women and Marriage throughout Redemptive History    8.5×11″; A4 paper

The Eternal Subordination of the Son to the Father: Orthodoxy or Heresy?    8.5×11″; A4 paper

Methods Used by Bible Scholars     8.5×11″; A4 paper

Old Testament Survey Course

Church Calendar/Special Events

Index to Other Exegeted Scripture

Archived Covid Posts


Genesis 1–3

Click here for a pdf of the entire book: 8.5×11″; A4 paper. You can access individual chapters via the links below:

Chapter 1: God Establishes His Cosmic Temple through Creation (Genesis 1:1–13)

Chapter 2: God Creates Inhabitants for His Cosmic Temple (Genesis 1:14–25)

Chapter 3: The Image of God (Genesis 1:26–31)

Chapter 4: The Sabbath Rest of God (Genesis 2:1–3)

Chapter 5: A View from the Ground (Genesis 2:4–25)

Chapter 6: A Serpent in the Garden (Genesis 3:1–13)

Chapter 7: The Seed of the Serpent and the Seed of the Woman (Genesis 3:14–15)

Chapter 8: Pain and Desire (Genesis 3:16, 20)

Chapter 9: Painful Toil (Genesis 3:17–21)

Chapter 10: The Tree of Life (Genesis 3:22–24)

An Overview of Genesis 1–3


Genesis 4–11

Click here for a pdf of the entire book: 8.5×11″; A4 paper. You can access individual chapters via the links below:

An Overview of Genesis 1–3

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Brothers (Genesis 4:1‒16)

Chapter 2: The Descent of Humanity (Genesis 4:17–24)

Chapter 3: Calling on the Name of the Lord (Genesis 4:25–26)

Chapter 4: The Generations of Adam (Genesis 5:1–27)

Chapter 5: Groaning and Grieving (Genesis 5:28–6:8)

Chapter 6: The Promise of a Covenant (Genesis 6:9–22)

Chapter 7: God Opens the Heavens and the Earth (Genesis 7:1–24)

Chapter 8: Safely Through (Gen 8:1–19)

Chapter 9: A Covenant with Noah (Genesis 8:20–9:17)

Chapter 10: Noah Curses Canaan (Genesis 9:18–27)

Chapter 11: The Table of Nations (Genesis 9:28–10:32)

Chapter 12: Scattered to the Ends of the Earth (Genesis 11:1–9)

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One thought on “Chapters

  1. I realy love the things i read here. Christ centered theology. Where the old testament is clearly connected with the new testament and the NT is a lens where the OT can be interpreted rightly. Also the historic and cultural view and contex are realy giving great insights and meaning to the text. Iam not a scolar myself but i love theology. Englisch is my 2nd language but even for me it was academic, but the way it is written makes it easy to read for ordinary people like me. And thats what i realy like! Its accessible. But besides ‘head knowledge’ it sets my heart on fire’. Just like those two guys on there way to Emaus where Jesus met them and opened the scriptures for them. And thats what theology in the end is all about. To love Him more and to see His beauty. I can not wait to read the book!


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