Ash Wednesday

A Return to the Ground (Gen 3:19)


Betrayed (Luke 22:1–6)

Last Supper/Maundy Thursday

Blood Given for You (Matt 26:26‒28)

Good Friday

A Most Cruel and Ignominious Punishment (Matt 27:26–37)

Jesus, Remember Me (Luke 23:39–43)

Forsaken (Matt 27:38–49)

The Death of God (John 19:28–30)

God Rends the Barrier (Matt 27:50–51)

Conversion of an Executioner (Matt 27:54)

Redemption through Christ’s Blood (Eph 1:7–8)

Obedient to the Point of Death (Phil 2:8)

Our Certificate of Debt (Col 2:13–14)

Death in the Flesh but Life in the Spirit (1 Pet 3:18)


A New Dawn (Matt 28:1)

Rolling Away the Stone (Matt 28:2–4)

Apostles to the Apostles (Matt 28:5–7)

From Terror to Adoration (Matt 28:8–9)

A Restoration of Status (Matt 28:10)

The Resurrection of the Righteous (Matt 27:51–53)

Christ’s Resurrected Body (Luke 24:31, 35–44)

Death in the Flesh but Life in the Spirit (1 Pet 3:18)

Ascension Day

The Name Above Every Name (Phil 2:9–11)

Modern Scholars’ View of 1 Pet 3:19–20

Seated at God’s Right Hand (1 Pet 3:22)


The Spirit Descends (Acts 2:1–3)

Speaking Other Tongues (Acts 2:4)

A Bewildered Crowd (Acts 2:5–8)

Babel Reversed (Acts 2:9–11)

Groaning for a Redeemed Body (Rom 8:23–25)

Helped in Our Weakness (Rom 8:26–27)

Trinity Sunday

Equality with God (Phil 2:5–6)

A Summary of Trinitarian Creeds (Appendix to Phil 2:5–6)

The Eternal Subordination of the Son to the Father: Orthodoxy or Heresy?

Fathers’ Day

Nurturing and Training (Eph 6:4)


In the Beginning Was the Word (John 1:1–2)

The Light Shines in Darkness (John 1:3–5)

Equality with God (Phil 2:5–6)

Taking the Form of a Slave (Phil 2:7)

The Firstborn of All Creation (Col 1:15–18)

The Son of Adam, the Son of God (Luke 3:23, 38)


Salvation through Water (1 Pet 3:20)

An Appeal to God (1 Pet 3:21)

Clothed with Christ (Gal 3:26–27)


A New Mandate (Matt 28:18–20)


The Lord Blesses the Seventh Day (Gen 2:3)

Lord of the Sabbath (Matt 12:1–8)

A New Dawn (Matt 28:1)


Not Good! (Gen 2:18)

A Parade of Animals (Gen 2:19–20)

An Equal and Adequate Partner (Gen 2:21–23)

A Transfer of Loyalty (Gen 2:24)

Unity in the Spirit (Eph 5:18–21)

Submissive to One Another (Eph 5:21–24)

Sacrificial Love (Eph 5:25–30)


A Return to the Ground (Gen 3:19)

Passed from Death into Life (John 5:24–27)

A Second Resurrection (John 5:28–29)

Dead in Adam but Alive in Christ (1 Cor 15:20–23)

Perishable Flesh and Blood (1 Cor 15:50)

We Shall Be Changed (1 Cor 15:51–52)

Victory over Death (1 Cor 15:53–55)

Glorified Bodies (Phil 3:21)

Last Days

Difficult Times in the Last Days (2 Tim 3:1–4)

Having a Form of Godliness (2 Tim 3:5)

Return of Christ/New Creation

Creation’s Eager Expectation (Rom 8:19)

Subjected to Futility (Rom 8:20)

Set Free from the Slavery of Corruption (Rom 8:21–22)

Pleading for Justice (Rev 6:9‒10)

The Full Number of Martyrs (Rev 6:11)

Not Knowing the Day or the Hour (Matt 24:36)

As in the Days of Noah (Matt 24:37–39)

One Will Be Left (Matt 24:40–41)

Continually Watch! (Matt 24:42–44)

Faithful and True (Rev 19:11)

Ruler of All Nations (Rev 19:12–13)

The Armies in Heaven (Rev 19:14)

Striking the Nations (Rev 19:15)

King of Kings and Lord of Lords (Rev 19:16)

The Great Supper of God (Rev 19:17–19)

Cast into the Inferno (Rev 19:20–21)

The World Destroyed by Water (2 Pet 3:5–6)

Reserved for Fire (2 Pet 3:7)

God’s Perception of Time (2 Pet 3:8)

The Lord has Patience (2 Pet 3:9)

The Day of the Lord Will Come (2 Pet 3:10)

Hastening the Day of God (2 Pet 3:11–12)

The Name Above Every Name (Phil 2:9–11)

The New Holy City (Rev 21:10–11)

A Return to Paradise (Rev 22:1–5, 20)

The Summing up of All Things (Eph 1:9–11)

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