Raymon H. (Netherlands): I really love the things I read here. Christ centered theology. Where the Old Testament is clearly connected with the New Testament and the NT is a lens where the OT can be interpreted rightly. Also the historic and cultural view and context are really giving great insights and meaning to the text. I am not a scholar myself but I love theology. English is my 2nd language but even for me it was academic, but the way it is written makes it easy to read for ordinary people like me. And that’s what I really like! It’s accessible. But besides “head knowledge” it sets my heart on fire. Just like those two guys on their way to Emmaus where Jesus met them and opened the scriptures for them. And that’s what theology in the end is all about. To love Him more and to see His beauty.

Nydia J: I love this website. Lay people need insightful well researched information presented in a way that is interesting and easy to understand.! The depth of knowledge and depth of spiritual insight are added manna to my soul.


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