Their Eyes Are Opened

eyes opened (3)

e) Gen 3:7: In one respect the serpent told the truth (Gen 3:4–5): their eyes were opened, but to a shocking discovery. They were naked![1]

In a moment, Adam and Eve transformed from the state of two year-old children happily running nude through the front yard into eight year-olds who refuse to allow their parents to enter the room while they bathe.

A sign of their healthy relationship became shameful (Cf. Gen 2:25).[2]

Their prior unity of knowledge, with all things good, was torn asunder into the duality of good and evil.[3] They immediately experienced the alienation of spiritual death.[4]

Ironically, fig leaves come from trees which symbolize the fertility of life.[5]


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Read Gen 3:7. How did the opening of their eyes differ from what Adam and Eve had expected? What did their shame lead them to do? How do you react to shameful experiences?





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