Opening: Open with prayer and introductions. Register any new students. Take attendance.

Establish Group Procedures: Decide who will lead the meetings, when you will meet, and where you will meet.

Praise and Worship: Ask the Holy Spirit to help you learn the material and apply it to your life and ministry.

Distribute Manuals to Students: Introduce the manual to the group.

Teach the Chapters: The person teaching will read and explain the material in the manual. Students will take the Self-Tests at the end of each chapter and talk about the answers. The number of chapters covered at each meeting will not always be the same. Sometimes, you will stop before you end a chapter.

Make the First Assignment: Students will do the For Further Study section and follow their Bible reading plan outside of class.



 Opening: Pray. Welcome and register any new students. Give them a manual. Take attendance. Have a time of praise and worship.

Review: Present a brief summary of what you studied at the last meeting.

Take and Grade a Quiz: This will be based upon the Self-Tests from the last class session.

Lesson: Read the chapter. Ask students for questions or comments on what you read. Apply the lesson to the lives and ministries of your students.

Self-Test: Take and review the Self-Tests for the chapters you just did.

For Further Study: Students will do these projects by themselves or in a group before the next meeting.

Final Examination: The final exam for students receiving official credit will be multiple choice questions taken from all the Self-Tests.

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