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Biblical books background information ‒ (search “biblica genesis” to go to the Introduction to Genesis, others are on the right side)

Notes on each verse for study and sermon preparation ‒  Bible Gateway, New English Translation (NET).

In-depth material for this manual ‒  For example, go to that site [Methodology then Ancient Literature] or [Chapters Gen 1 –3, then Chapter 1, then Gen 1:1–2]

Various Bible translations, including audio Bibles and other languages (scroll down)

Bible Survey videos

Bible dictionary

Historical background information from a secular view

Biblical archaeology

Older commentaries, theology, and archaeology books. For example, go to Search, then type in “Genesis Commentary.”

Two sites for journal articles

Three sites for articles on equality of men and women

Egypt and its gods

Mesopotamian gods

Short overview study of the Old and New Testaments

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