Diversity of the Bible

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When we speak of the “diversity” of the Bible we mean that it has variety.

The Bible records different ways God dealt with people and the different ways they responded to him.

Its authors wrote in moods ranging from great joy to deep sadness.

The Bible also includes different types (genres) of writing.

While we should usually read the Bible literally, we must keep the type of writing we are reading in mind.

For example, historical narratives, psalms, proverbs, and prophecy tell us about the heart and mind of God to us in different ways.

Biblical writers wrote historical reporting, poetry, and everything in between them (Ezra 1:9–11; Song 4:11–15).

Skilled readers decide where a passage falls on that scale to avoid misunderstanding the author’s meaning.

Taking a literal meaning from a passage which the author did not intend his readers to read literally is not a literal interpretation.

Image via Wikimedia Commons This 6th century mosaic shows Jesus as a warrior.


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