Receiving the Crown of Life: James 1:12

receive crown of life

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2) James 1:12: Earlier in this chapter, James exhorted his readers to respond with joy to trials because the testing of their faith would produce perseverance (Jas 1:2–4).[1]

Yet, every ordeal we encounter also carries an inner enticement to sin.[2]

Therefore, he contrasted two paths we can take. Facing tests with endurance leads to life. Yielding to desire produces sin, which causes death.[3]

Our loyalty to God causes us to turn from temptation, for real love for the Lord manifests itself in action.[4]

God has promised the crown of life to those who love him. James employed imagery of disciplined, well-trained athletes so enthralled with their sport that they pursue their goal to the end and win the race, earning laurel wreath crowns.[5]

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a) Read James 1:12. How does temptation provide both a pitfall and an opportunity? What enables you to persevere through trials?




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