Hiding from God: Genesis 3:8

hiding from God (2)

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3) Gen 3:8: This verse does not depict God calmly enjoying an evening stroll through paradise ignorant of what Adam and Eve have done.[1] 

The phrase commonly translated “cool of the day” also means “wind (ruakh) of the storm” (yom), a reference to God’s sudden intervention (Cf. Job 38:1–3; Ps 18:9–15).[2]

Adam and Eve saw and heard evidence of impending judgment (Cf. Ps 29; Nah 1:2–3). No wonder they ran into hiding![3]

Even as they fled, they likely suspected that one cannot escape from God.[4]

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a) Read Gen 3:8. Why were Adam and Eve so frightened? How would you have reacted?




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