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Chapter 10 intro (2)

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Since Adam had disobeyed the Lord by eating of the forbidden fruit, God cursed the ground (Gen 2:16–17; Gen 3:6, 17–19). He made it dry and unfruitful by withholding his blessing.[1]

Thus, the toil behind the preparation of every meal reminded Adam and Eve of their guilt.[2]

Creation fell into disarray, becoming nature without masters, existing in rebellion and despair.[3]

In a great reversal, the ground from which Adam had been created would resist his efforts and eventually swallow him into itself. [4]



After the Lord completed his pronouncements of judgment, Adam named his wife as both a sign of his new rule over her and a re-inauguration of their covenant of marriage (Gen 3:20).[5]

In calling her “Eve”—which means “the mother of all the living”—Adam spoke in faith that God’s promise of progeny would come to pass (Gen 3:15). [6]

Despite the Lord’s pronouncement of death, Adam named his wife in terms of life. [7]



Finally, God clothed the couple with leather tunics (Gen 3:21). This signified that he was not disinheriting them but would graciously reinstate his covenant with humanity.[8]

Clothing also provided protection from the thorns and thistles which awaited Adam and Eve as they cultivated the ground which the Lord had cursed.

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