The Sons of Noah: Genesis 9:18–19

sons of Noah (2)

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1) Gen 9:18–19: These verses represent the final part of the chiasm which recounts the flood (Gen 6:9–9:19). They form the conclusion which mentions Noah and his sons (Cf. Gen 6:9–10).[1]

Here the focus shifts from Noah to his descendants.[2]

Moses wrote, “And it happened that the sons of Noah went out from the ark: Shem and Ham and Japheth. And Ham, he [was the] father of Canaan. These three [were] the sons of Noah, and from these scattered all [the people] of the earth.”

By spreading out across the known world, the descendants of Noah fulfilled the command to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth (Gen 1:28; Gen 9:1, 7). This passage introduces the ancestor of the nations whom God commanded Moses’ original readers to displace (Gen 10:15–19; Exod 3:8; Deut 9:5).[3]

Canaanites practiced polytheism, child sacrifice, and religious prostitution (Lev 18:24–25; Deut 12:29–31).[4]

The behavior of Noah’s sons foreshadows the relationships between their descendants (Gen 9:20–23; Josh 11:16–20; Josh 16:10; Josh 17:12–13).[5]

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a) Read Gen 9:18–19. How did Noah resemble a second Adam? Why do you think Moses included Canaan in these verses?




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